Guidance on the Identification & Verification of Beneficial Owners (May 2022)

Guidance to MSBs (Class A-D) on their Sub-Agents (May 2022)

Guidance on the Application of a RBA & Conduct of a Risk Assessment (March 2022) 

Guidance to Reporting Entities on CDD Measures (Oct 2021)

Guidance to Reporting Entities on PEPs (Sept 2021)

Guidance on Developing an AML/CFT/CPF Compliance Programme (March 2021)

AML/CFT Guidelines for Money Remitters (Nov 2020) 

AML/CFT Guidelines for Attorneys-at-Law (Aug 2019)

AML/CFT Guidelines for the Real Estate Sector (Aug 2019)

Terrorist Disclosure Guidance to Reporting Entities

Overview - AML/CFT/CPF Obligations of Reporting Entities

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